Here is the current lineup of pedals we have for sale.

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Fuzz Righteous
This raunchy bad-boy is a clone of the silicon version of the Mosrite Fuzzrite, a 1960s fuzz classic. We upgraded the quality of components from the original design, and added an internal DIP switch that adjusts the input and output capacitor values. You can keep it stock for the old-school fuzz tone, or switch over to a more modern fuzz sound. The enclosure is powdercoated and then UV printed with the artwork (Bruegel's "Fall of the Rebel Angels").

$130 USD - Shipping: US $6 / Canada $15 / Everywhere Else $25


This pedal is limited to a run of 10.

Fuzz Righteous Features in Detail
• SS9013 low-gain silicon transistors (hFE ~100)
• Internal DIP switch for modern or vintage tone selection (input and output cap)
• Modern components for quiet operation and tight tolerances
• Overkill power filtering and added RF-rejection filtering on the input (quiet!)
• Adjustable LED brightness (internal trimmer)
• Top-mounted jacks
• 125B enclosure size
• Lifetime Support (if it breaks, we will fix it; some charges *may* apply in some situations...ask if you're curious)
• Comes with fun and stylish cloth bag with 424 logo stamped on it!

Check out a gut shot of the Fuzz Righteous. We've got nothing to hide.