PCBs for Sale

If you are a DIY type (or would like to be), we offer professionally designed and fabricated printed circuit boards (PCBs) for your pedal projects. Product information and build documentation are provided below. All PCBs feature plated through-holes, solder mask on both sides, and silkscreen printing of part numbers and names. Nerd details: they are 1.6mm thick with 1oz copper thickness.

Shoot the Moon - Optical Tremolo
A DIY favorite with hundreds of completed pedal builds! Build your own optical tremolo that can go from silky smooth to über choppy. Four controls: Depth, Speed, Wave Shape, and Boost. With the Depth at minimum, this circuit can also double as a clean op amp boost. Not a clone of any existing commercial pedal.

$8 USD

More info coming soon.

4-Knob Ross Compressor Clone

$10 USD

More info coming soon.